Tanisha Sipos

Green Mechwarrior in Wolf's Dragoons



Customized Panther (PNT-9R)
Type: Light
Tonnage: 35
Speed: 97.2kph
Armor: 7.5 tons Maximillian 42
Engine: Hermes 210XL
Heat Sinks: 10 (Double)
[ 1 ] Lord’s Light PPC
[ 1 ] Telos Four-Shot Launcher
[ 1 ] Argra 3L Medium Laser
[ 1 ] Unknown Small Pulse Laser

Easy to Pilot
Narrow/Low Profile
Difficult Ejection
Weak Head Armor



Tanisha’s aggressive use of her light ‘mech in battle has earned her a reputation as a loose cannon. She rarely hangs back, forcing her lancemates to approach the enemy to support her rather than achieving superior positioning. She’s been finding it difficult to get posted to a unit until she was assigned to Razer. Arik liked Tanisha right away. After spending many late night training sessions together, Arik had an idea for a mech that would be a match for her. With some negotiation and his contacts, he acquired an old Panther used for training. Immediately he set his techs to work upgrading and refurbishing the mech. The mech was brought up to the high standards Arik expected of all his units. They needed to be, as his unit will always be outnumbered and behind the eight ball.

Tanisha Sipos

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