Tag: Mercury's Chariot


  • Thaddeus March

    Young for his position, Captain March's formality has been commented on by your fellow passengers. "I'll take that under advisement."

  • Tim Eie

    "By the numbers people, I am flying this multi - million C-Bill bucket and I don't want any of you to make me look bad!"

  • Paul Grace

    "Nobody god damn move! My finger has been twitching all day and if you do not comply I WILL grant it fucking relief!"

  • Man Ho Kim

    He's connected, a good listener, he's well informed, and he'll get you what Director Boga will not. "Well...it's like I said, dating two guys on the same ship is no crime, but make sure one of them is not monitoring the security cameras while you …

  • Sanjay Ermos

    "I've played more than you've forgotten kid. I've played the blues from her to Acturus and I ain't never seen a woman put those notes together the way Aniq does." Severely affected by watching most of the Mercury's Chariot passengers die from poison …

  • Gavriella Citti

    "I don't care if its a double, triple, or quadruble shift you have to pull crewman get that fuel line fixed before you let your eyelids close one more time."

  • Bai-luo Zhu

    "Just a touch and we get there there 12 hours faster, we save thousands of C-Bills on fuel, and the passengers are happy. That's why I'am the Navigator and you're the comtech." Paid off by Silver's layers to aid in the Mercury's Chariots capture. She …

  • Lenard Jones

    " Don't think because this joint is smaller than a house on Solaris VII that you can get away with cheatn'. I'am afraid we have to revoke your round trip ticket, it seems you'll only be going one way after all." Suspected by the Dragoons of being some …

  • Lisa Alejo

    "Yes chief, all the weapons are secure. Yes chief, Marx is watching the vidscreens. Yes chief, all the hallways are clear of obstructing obstacles. Yes chief, passenger Foong's credentials were checked and double checked and they all checked out." …