Major Arik Reyes

Lance Commander -Ian



Name: Arik
Callsign: Razer
Age: 32

[ 15 ] Health
[ 18 ] Fatigue

[ 9 ] Walk
[ 20 ] Run
[ 40 ] Sprint

[ 5 ] STR
[ 5 ] BOD
[ 4 ] RFL
[ 4 ] DEX
[ 4 ] INT
[ 6 ] WIL
[ 4 ] CHA
[ 2 ] EDG

[ 6 ] Vehicle (Heavy)
[ 5 ] Connections (Info 5, Wealth 4 (25,000), Equip 3 (ECD), People 2 (+40%))
[ 4 ] Custom Vehicle (Custom Design)
[ 4 ] Equipped (EDD)
[ 4 ] Rank (Lance Commander)
[ 2 ] Wealth (5,000)
[-1 ] Bloodmark
[-1 ] Compulsion/Endorphins
[-2 ] Dark Secret
[-3 ] Enemy
[-3 ] In for Life/Wolf’s Dragoons

[ 1 ] Acting (8/CB)
[ 1 ] Administration (8/SA)
[ 3 ] Career/Soldier (7/SB)
[ 1 ] Climbing (7/SB)
[ 0 ] Computers (8/CB)
[ 1 ] Driving/Ground (8/SA)
[ 0 ] Escape Artist (9/CA)
[ 6 ] Gunnery/‘Mech (8/SA)
[ 2 ] Gunnery/Aerospace (8/SA)
[ 1 ] Interest/’Mechs (8/CB)
[ 0 ] Interest/Military History (8/CB)
[ 1 ] Interest/Solaris Games (8/CB)
[ 1 ] Interest/Solaris Nightlife (8/CB)
[ 1 ] Interest/State of the Art Technology (8/CB)
[ 4 ] Language/English (8/SA)
[ 0 ] Language/Scots Gaelic (8/SA)
[ 3 ] Leadership (8/SA)
[ 3 ] Martial Arts (7/SB)
[ 1 ] MedTech (7/SB)
[ 2 ] Melee Weapons (7/SB)
[ 1 ] Navigation/Air (7/SB)
[ 2 ] Navigation/Ground (7/SB)
[ 1 ] Navigation/Space (7/SB)
[ 3 ] Negotiation (8/CB)
[ 3 ] Perception (7/SB)
[ 4 ] Piloting/‘Mech (8/SA)
[ 3 ] Piloting/Aerospace (8/SA)
[ 0 ] Protocol/Lyran Alliance (9/CA)
[ 3 ] Protocol/Wolf’s Dragoons (9/CA)
[ 1 ] Running (7/SB)
[ 3 ] Sensor Operation (8/SA)
[ 3 ] Small Arms (7/SB)
[ 1 ] Stealth (8/SA)
[ 2 ] Streetwise/Lyran Alliance (8/CB)
[ 1 ] Streetwise/Solaris VII (8/CB)
[ 1 ] Swimming (7/SB)
[ 3 ] Tactics/Land (9/CA)
[ 1 ] Tactics/Space (9/CA)
[ 1 ] Technician/Mechanical (9/CA)
[ 1 ] Technician/Weapons (9/CA)
[ 2 ] Training (9/CA)
[ 1 ] Zero-G Operations (7/SB)

Equipment (Owned)
Lyran Alliance Combat Helmet (w/ HC Micro Powerpack) [D, E, F]
Nightvision Goggles (Integral to Combat Helmet)
IR Scanner (Integral to Combat Helmet)
Military Comm (Integral to Combat Helmet)
Respirator/Filter Mask [D, E, F]
Taurian Concordat Combat Gloves (w/ QC Micro Powerpack) [B, C, D, E, F]
Concealed Ablative/Flak Vest [A, B, C]
Ballistic Plate Suit [D, E, F]
Load Bearing Pack (Not pictured) [D, E, F]
Plasteel Boots [C, D, E, F]
Military MicroCom (w/ HC Micro Powerpack) (Blackmarket goods) [A, B, C, D, E, F]
Holomap (w/ QC Micro Powerpack) [A, B, C, D, E, F]
Vibroblade (w/ HC Micro Powerpack) [A, B, C, D, E, F]
Magnum Autopistol (w/ Lasersight – QC Micro Powerpack) [A, C, D, E, F]
TK Assault Rifle (w/ Night Vision Scope – QC Micro Powerpack) [C, D, E, F]
Ceremonial Dagger of Noxis VIII
Slug Thrower Maintenance Kit
Ammo Reloading Kit
Magnum Ammo, Standard [(6) reloads]
Magnum Ammo, AP [(4) reloads]
Rifle Ammo, Standard [(6) reloads]
Rifle Ammo, AP [(4) reloads]
Heavy Duty Recharger [A, B, C, D, E, F]
Equipment (Borrowed-Dragoons [Ongoing])
Fatigues (Several) [A, B, C, D, E, F]
Cooling Vest
Combat Neurohelmet

Remaining C-Bills: 270


Customized Archer (ARC-2W)
Type: Heavy
Tonnnage: 70
Speed: 64.8kph
Armor: 12.5 tons Leviathon Plus Standard
Engine: Unknown 280XL Fusion
Heat Sinks: 12 (Double)
[ 2 ] Diverse Optics Type 18 Medium Lasers
[ 2 ] Unknown Small Pulse Lasers
[ 2 ] Thunderstroke LRM-15 Launchers
[ 4 ] Holly SRM-4 Launchers
[ 1 ] Donal PPC

Rumble Seat
MultiTrac Targeting System
Difficult Ejection System
Difficult Mainenance



Arik was born March 17, 3005
(3005-3015) Lyran Fugitive 0-10
(3015-3021) Mercenary Brat (Dragoons) 10-16
(3021-3024) Military Academy Dragoon Equiv.) 16-19
(3024-3025) Officer School (Dragoon Equiv.) 19-20
(3025-3029) Dragoon Officer 20-24

3029-3033 Solaris VII
I was on Solaris VII for the Dragoons. I was to find and recruit promising pilots, be it kids off the streets like they found me, or pilots from the arenas. This assignment is far different from the ones in the past, I’m forced to tap into that gut feeling for people that I had to use to survive on the streets all those years ago. I had one of those gut feelings about a young kid. He was not more than sixteen, taking jobs where he could get them. I ran into him at one of the stables while I was assessing the pilots. He was doing odd jobs around the hangar, including repositioning mechs for repairs. I don’t think anyone else paid attention to him, but the way he took to the mech… it was natural to him. It turned out that he had a little sister that he was trying to take care of. I kept an eye on the kid. He managed to get on the circuit with one of the stables and did well in his fights, so well that he made it to the finals. I guess my troubles began when a couple of days before the match, a local boss named Drago decided it was time to cash in on the kids success. He kidnapped his sister and told him to throw the match if he wanted to see her again. Drago made a series of substantial bets against the kid on the “longshot.” Using my contacts on Solaris VII, I arranged for a rescue of his little sister and made a deal with him. If he joined the Dragoons, we would take care of both of them. I told him to wait for my signal that his sister was clear and safe, but to give them “a good show” until then. It was a free for all fight with eight mechs in an arena.

From the start, it was clear that several of the pilots were in on it and ganging up on the kid. I thought something like this might have happened, so I managed to use my contacts to get myself into the match. While they were concentrating on him, I was able to knock a couple out of commission before they realized what had happened. At this point, all the attention turned to me. I took several direct hits, I could feel the mech starting to give under the pressure, but was able to keep going. Finally it was down to four of us left. Two against the kid and I. I finally got the signal that his sister was clear and let him know she was okay. It was at that moment that the guy I was fighting took my leg off with a well placed kick. As I went down I took out his cockpit with my fist. As the mech slammed to the ground my cockpit lit up with strobing warning lights. My engine had taken massive damage. I was out of the match. I could see from my position that the kid was also on the ground. I could see the other pilot raising the foot of his mech to bring it down on the kid’s cockpit. Before he could bring it down, a bolt of charged particles seared his leg off and impacting on the far wall. Without the leg, the mech toppled forward and smashing to the arena floor beside the kid.

Meanwhile that shot set off a series of cascading failures throughout my mech. Suddenly my auto eject sequence activated. I rocketed across the arena horizontally ricocheting off debris and finally skidding to halt just before the arena wall. Before blacking out I saw the kids mech rising from the arena like the undead with no arm and internals hanging out. Dirt and metal falling from his mech as he rose. His opponent still not moving. I learned later after getting treatment for my injuries, that the other pilot had blacked out from internal injuries caused by the fall and the cumulative damage he sustained in the combat.

Shortly thereafter, we left Solaris behind, heading for Outreach.

3033-3037 Dragoon Officer
For the last four years Arik has been the lance leader for a mixed lance for the Dragoons. This lance has been tasked with various Special Operations missions that leads them far flung from the safety of Outreach. They have been given a fair amount of freedom in the methods of completing their missions, as long as they continue to be successful at accomplishing the goals of the Wolf’s Dragoon’s leadership.

Major Arik Reyes

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