Duke Morris Davion-Harland

Planetary ruler of Bryceland


A well built man just over fifty years old, Duke Morris Davion-Harland has a craggy, careworn face and wears a small beard that is beginning to turn from brown to gray. The crows’ feet around his amber eyes indicate that he has a sense of humor underneath his present melancholy.

The picture to the right is from years ago when the Duke was an active Mechwarrior in the AFFS.


Like many of the sons of Federated Suns noblemen, Morris Davion-Harland joined the AFFS as a young man, where his solid combat record and strong skills allowed him to climb swiftly in rank. He served in many different units often with distinction until his father died and he returned home to assume the throne of Bryceland.

He has only one child, Samantha Davion-Harland, who has recently been kidnapped by a pirate gang called Silver’s Slayers.

The recent pirate raids and his inability to halt them have taken a devastating toll on his popularity with the people of Bryceland and there are even whispers of revolution.

Duke Morris Davion-Harland

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