General Amon Freeder

General of the Royal Guard on Bryceland


Old, grizzled, and bald, General Freeder’s build and height is not apparent until you stand next to him, then his imposing frame is evident undiminished by age.


Born on Addicks in the Federated Commonwealth, Freeder is the son of an astronomer whose family had no ties to the military. Seduced at a young age by the glory of the military service with the federated suns, Freeder entered a local military academy and began his army career.

Freeder became a good soldier eventually achieving a captain’s rank. His career stagnated after the Third Succession War, then-captain Freeder mustered out and joined the Royal Guard of Bryceland. Within three years he has become second-in-command of the unit and about a decade ago became a general and the Guard’s overall commander.

General Amon Freeder

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