Shinji Nakamuka

Right Hand to the Oyabun of the Wind Dragon Yakuza


Shinji Nakamuka is a senior leader in the Wind Dragon Yakuza. He grew up on the streets in the back alleys of a city in the Pesht District, joined a gang when he was twelve, and was leading the gang by the time he was seventeen. He became a foot soldier in the Yakuza and soon developed a reputation for being a loyal, ruthless soldier. he was given more responsibility and proved worthy of the trust. He has worked hard to home his fighting and social skills so he is at home in either a fight or a boardroom meeting. He is very economical in both his actions and words, never saying two words when one will do.

He came to the attention of the Oyabun and was offered the position of the Oyabun’s chief representative. Rumors have it that Nakamuka is being groomed as the Oyabun’s successor. When Nakamuka is around, something important is going on.

Shinji met the Dragoons on Bad News Station and recruited them to hit the encroaching Mafia hard.

Shinji Nakamuka

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