31st Century

3001: ComStar begins supplying bandit kings

3002: Operation Concentrated Weakness begins

3003: Michael Hasek marries Marie Davion-St. Claire

3004: Hohiro Kurita assassinated, Takashi Kurita named Coordinator, The Jolly Roger Affair

3005: Ministry of Development reorganized, Wolf’s Dragoons arrive in the Inner Sphere,
make first contact with the planet of Delos IV and contract employment by House Davion.

3006: Allen Rusenstein resigns, Julian Tiepolo named Primus, Thomas Marik joins ComStar

3007: Alessandro Steiner is forced to retire, Katrina Steiner named Archon

3009: Wolf’s Dragoons end employment with House Davion.

3010: Marik Civil War instigated, Wolf’s Dragoons next seek employment with House Liao

3012: Kyalla Centrella named Magestrix, Tamara Centrella dies

3013: Hanse Davion named Prince, Ian Davion killed, Michael Hasek-Davion named Duke of New Syrtis

3014: Anton Marik begins Marik Civil War, Anton Marik declares himself Captain-General, Wolf’s Dragoons end employment with House Liao and suffer significant losses in the Marik Civil War

3015: New Avalon Institute of Science formed, Neil Avellar II named Parliamentary President, Precentor ROM Vesar Kristofur excommunicated, Wolf’s Dragoons next contract employment with House Marik

3017: Thomas Calderon named Protector of the Taurian Homeworlds

3019: Theodore Kurita and Tomoe Sakade marry, Wolf’s Dragoons suffer costly defeat assaulting the BattleMech Factory Defiance Industries on Hesperus II and disappear into deep space to refit and rebuild their force

3020: Contact with Michael Hasek-Davion made, Katrina Steiner issues Peace Proposal, Katrina Steiner sends Peace Proposal to all Houses, Outworlds Alliance Educational Exchange Program begins, Wolf’s Dragoons return from deep space at full strength, end employment with House Marik and next contract employment with House Steiner

3021: Shin Yodama born

3022: Concord of Kapteyn signed, Federated-Commonwealth Alliance Document signed, Wolf’s Dragoons end employment with House Steiner.

3023: Hatchetman BattleMech is fielded, Wolf’s Dragoons next contract employment with House Kurita, Jaime Wolf’s life saved by Minobu Tetsuhara

3024: Talon Zahn is born on Ares,

3025: Operation Doppelganger takes place, Third Succession War ends

3026: Operation Galahad takes place

3027: Operation Thor takes place

3028: Federated Commonwealth unofficially formed, Still under contract Wolf’s Dragoons betrayed and attacked by House Kurita and the Battle of Misery ensues, Fourth Succession War begins, Gray Death Legion discovers Helm Memory Core, Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner marry, Northwind Agreement takes effect, Operation Riposte takes place, Tormana Liao captured, Thomas Marikpromotion,

3029: Battle for Crossing, ComStar covertly attacks NAIS, Federated Suns interdicted by ComStar, House Davion framed for destruction of Sarna HPG and suffers Interdiction, Interdiction lifted, Julian Tiepolo dies, Michael Hasek-Davion killed, Myndo Waterly named Primus, Operation Intruders Communion takes place, St. Ives Compact formed, Tikonov Free Republic formed

3030: Andurien-Canopian invasion of the Capellan Confederation begins, Draconis Combine receives Star League BattleMechs from ComStar, Duchy of Andurien secedes from Free Worlds League, Fourth Succession War ends, Internal Emergency Act passed, Operation Rosebud initiated, Sarna March created, Theodore Kurita named Gunji no Kanrei, Wolf’s Dragoons requested/granted planet Outreach by Hanse Davion

3031: Capellan Confederation attacked by Andurien-Canopus alliance, Thomas Marik leaves ComStar, Tikonov Free Republic absorbed, Wolf’s Dragoons elite unit Black Widow Company made available for hire after restructuring to Battalion strength and led by Natasha Kerensky

3034: Anastasius Focht joins ComStar, Draconis Combine recognizes Free Rasalhague Republic, Free Rasalhague Republic formed, House Kurita recognizes the Free Rasalhague Republic, Neil Avellar II marries Rebecca DeSanders, Operation Flush begins, Operation Rosebud ends, Ronin War takes place, Skye Crisis

3035: Bomb kills Janos and Duggan Marik and wounds Thomas Marik, Duncan Marik named Captain-General, Readjustment Act of 3035 passed, Black Widow Company Battalion is recalled to Outreach

3036: Maximilian Liao dies, Romano Liao named Chancellor, Thomas Marik named Captain-General

3037: Addendum to the Incorporation passed, Duchy of Andurien regained

31st Century

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