Helm Memory Core


The existence of the Star Leage bunker system in the vicinity of Freeport was actually (re-)discovered independently by several parties, among them a group of Kurita nobles including Duke Hassid Ricol, and by Precentor Emilio Rachan of ComStar. They remained unsure of the exact location, however.

Because the planet Helm had been granted to the Gray Death Legion as a home base, Rachan sought to discredit the unit and have House Marik install another, more suitable, liege there. To this end he allied with Lord Garth of Irian. Together, they perpetrated an act of sabotage that killed approximately 12 million civilians on the recently captured world of Sirius V in March 3028 and framed the Gray Death Legion for the deed. The Legion was subsequently declared outlaws and upon returning to their land-holds on Helm, found their base destroyed and overrun by regular Marik forces.

Rachan in fact knew of the Library Core and intended to destroy it before the knowledge could be disseminated; he had no use for the weapons and promised these to Lord Garth for his cooperation.

Pressured by overwhelming enemy forces, the Gray Death Legion learned of the Star League installation, found it first, gained access on April 1st, 3028, and managed to retrieve a copy of the Library Core before the facility’s self-destruction was inadvertently triggered by the Marik troops pursuing the Legion. In the final confrontation Rachan was killed and proof of the Legion’s innocence in the Sirius massacre was discovered.

Not trusting ComStar in this matter, the Legion produced several copies of the library and spread them to the best of their abilities, initially by handing over copies to free traders. The library core thus found its way into every Successor State within a few years, and sparked a technological renaissance. The Legion also gave a copy of the Core to Duke Ricol for aiding in their escape. He would eventually provide it to Theodore Kurita and the Draconis Combine.

The Helm Memory Core’s most vital function was as a sort of Rosetta Stone. With the Memory Core’s information, many half-understood Star League documents suddenly made sense. This led to the improved military equipment, medical treatments, and purification equipment for water, atmospheres, and whole planetary environments.

Helm Memory Core

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